Stray Hit by a Car, Left with a Fractured Skull

Stray Hit by a Car, Left with a Fractured Skull

In the bustling streets of Sriracha, Chonburi, at just four months old, Kori found himself navigating the harsh realities of life as a stray dog. His story, however, is one of resilience, hope, and the unwavering strength of the human-animal bond.

Kori's journey took an unexpected turn when tragedy struck one fateful day. A careless moment, a screech of tires, and Kori's world was shattered as he was hit by a speeding car. The impact left him with severe head trauma, a fractured skull, and brain swellings.

Umaporn, an Animal Army volunteer, rushed Kori to our facility just in the nick of time. The dedicated team of veterinarians and volunteers worked tirelessly to stabilize him, faced with the daunting task of nursing him back to health.

The odds were stacked against Kori, yet his spirit proved unbroken. Despite the pain, the uncertainty, and the physical toll, Kori began to show signs of resilience. His eyes, once filled with fear and pain, now sparkled with a glimmer of hope. The Animal Army team, inspired by Kori's tenacity, rallied together to provide the care and attention he needed.

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