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We're a registered and licensed hospital, with a vet-dedicated ambulance for the professional rescue of street animals in Pattaya, Thailand.  There are millions of homeless animals in Thailand without food or basic medical care. Our veterinarians are renown in Thailand for embracing world-class practices like fish-skin grafting and specialist othopeadic techniques, to give the street animal population greater quality of life.

  • Rescue and Rehabilitation

    We provide homeless animals with medical care, nourishment and a safe haven where they can heal. Our Army is a network of animal guardians for our street friends.

  • Adoption and Foster Care

    Through careful screening and matching, we ensure our street animals find loving homes. We operate a foster house for disabled dogs and seek sponsors to help keep the doors open for our special friends.

  • Education and Outreach

    We conduct educational programs, workshops to raise awareness about animal welfare. We love working with schools to empower children with knowledge, inspire change and promote a future culture of empathy towards animals.

  • Advocacy and Policy Change

    We lobby and collaborate with policymakers to push for stronger animal protection laws in Thailand. We strive to be a strong voice for all stray cats and dogs in Thailand.

Our Mission

To improve animal welfare across Southeast Asia's homeless companion animal
population, through medical programs, education, advocacy and community
outreach initiatives. We promote kindness, to end animal cruelty.

How You Can Help


Your generous donations allow us to continue providing medical care, food, educational resources, and support to animals in need. Every contribution brings us closer to our goal of improving animal welfare in Southeast Asia.

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Join our team of dedicated volunteers and be part of the hands-on work that directly impacts animals. From animal care, to walking dogs, washing puppies, and event planning; there are various ways you can contribute your time and skills. Your involvement makes a difference, it saves lives.

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Give a great Home

Adopt or Foster

Consider adopting a homeless companion animal or open your home to provide temporary
care of an animal in desperate need of shelter. By offering a loving and safe environment, you directly contribute to improving the lives of these animals. We can even fly new adopted family member overseas, ask us how!

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Spread the Word

Help us raise awareness by sharing our work and initiatives on social media, engage in conversations and encourage others to support our mission. Together, let's work towards a Thailand where every homeless companion animal receives the care, compassion, and respect they deserve. Join us in promoting kindness and ending animal cruelty.

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